Dooner Supports Audit of Legislature

Taunton, MA Today Taunton City Councilor and candidate for the State Senate Kelly Dooner announced that she supports auditing the legislature and will be voting in favor of the ballot question.

“I believe in transparency! On the City Council and the Planning Board, we are required to be transparent on our actions. We have to abide by the Public Meeting and the Public Records laws. Our city is audited so taxpayers know how their dollars are being spent. The legislature should have the same transparency requirements. Taxpayers have a right to know,” said Dooner. “Not only will I support the ballot question to audit the legislature, but I will also work to make sure the Senate doesn’t overturn the will of the people.”

There will be an initiative on the November ballot asking voters if the legislature should be subject to an audit. The Massachusetts Auditor has tried to audit the legislature and leadership has refused access to the information.

“When it comes to our tax dollars, the taxpayers have a right to know how they are being spent. Oversight is a good thing. It ensures that our money is being spent wisely. It also brings back the power to the people instead of a few leaders at the State House,” said Dooner. “As the next Senator, people can count on me for transparency and accountability.”

Dooner was elected to the Taunton City Council in 2021 being the youngest woman ever elected to the City Council. She has served as the President of the City Council, and worked to make Taunton a Purple Heart City.

Dooner is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She earned her paralegal certificate in applied legal studies at Boston University. Dooner has been actively involved in the Massachusetts Young Republicans and serves on their Executive Board as the National State Committeewoman.

Kelly Dooner For State Senate

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